"Very skillful and experienced band. "Another Me Another You" has a past sound while engaging an interesting futuristic sound. It's original and well-written. The instruments accompany a driving and powerful force to the vocals. Very creative. The vocals are strong and emotional. You can hear emotion behind the artist's voice. It's a very competent song overall, and very professional sounding. The guitarist is superbly talented and fun!" - Crowd Review

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"The song "Like That" has a bluesy guitar intro. I like the play between both guitar players. The drummer is laying down a fat funky groove. I like the way bass player is playing a melodic idea. The singer has a voice of someone like Stevie Ray Vaughan. I really enjoy the background vocals as well. All around killer song!" - Crowd Review

"This song starts off great! "The Down Below" has a profound bass line that is coupled with the kick and boom of the drum-set, and it really gives you the feel of just some mean character in a Bond movie. Nice! This is only reiterated by a set of rich and gritty guitar chords and a nice soulful, smoky sounding lead singer. This is truly a mean tune with a set of strong vocals and a vicious guitar player, who can play some the strongest set of riffs and solos I've heard in a long time. A strong and bluesy song that makes you feel like someone who can kick butt and drink hard liquor all day. Amazing!" - Crowd Review

"This is a funky 70's inspired record with a lot of power in its instruments. The guitar has a lot of feeling and a lot of drama with it which is what makes the chords pop. Colin Alvarez has a very gritty voice and he sings with a sensuality about him. I think the melody and the back music of "Playing Your Games" work perfectly together to make a great rock and roll groove!" - Crowd Review

"The song [Georgia Before Daybreak] kicks off with harmonious layers of electric guitar playing an infectious riff. Not before long, the instrumental arrangement is bolstered by the entrance of bass and drums creating a rocking groove building towards the first verse. With the entrance of the vocals, the instrumentals break down into drawn out chords as Colin enters singing, “The road was calling out my name/I had to see it through/I had to play that song,” showing off his powerful, edgy vocal tone through gripping melodies before the instrumentals break back into the main instrumental motif." - Byron William @ Indie Spoonful

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"I loved the intro to "Georgia Before Daybreak" with the nice guitar and the drum beat in the background. Colin Alvarez was amazing in this song! His voice was made for making music! I loved this song and I will be buying this record! Great song amazing performance by the vocalist!" - Crowd Review

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